Friday, July 18, 2008

Watch the Watchmen

Warner Bros has been frantically trying to shut down the myriad sites that are hosting the trailer for Zach Snyder’s eagerly awaited Watchmen. As of 3am Eastern time, Empire still had a very nice looking version, and Apple, who I just don’t feel like linking to nowadays, has a 720p version here. The trailer was supposed to debut in front of The Dark Knight, and Warners would like to keep it that way – so see it while you can. If you haven’t read what is unquestionably one of the 5 greatest comics ever created, most of the images in the trailer won’t mean much – but they ought to give the faithful a case of the tingles (Snyder nails the look of Rorschach and The Comedian ). It’s the best work that Alan Moore has ever done, and that’s a damn huge statement.

I’ll be spending the next 20 hours avoiding trying not to read anymore about TDK than I already have.