Friday, August 22, 2008

Coming To You Straight From Maine...

Our friend Don May, Jr. (co-founder and president of one of the great independent DVD companies, Synapse Films) has just written a nifty piece for Fangoria following a visit to the set of Offspring, based on the book by Jack Ketchum. Ketchum’s Offspring is a brisk, genuinely unsettling horror yarn about a tribe of juvenile cannibals preying on some very unfortunate vacationers in a rural area of Maine. The book is actually a sequel to one of his earliest books, Off Season – a superior work, if only for having been written first.

Ketchum, an excellent writer with a fiercely original voice, hasn’t had terribly good luck with the film adaptations of his work. Red, despite a lead performance from the great Brian Cox, was beset by production difficulties resulting in the removal of director Lucky McKee, and there was probably no way for the adaptation of Ketchum’s greatest work, the shattering The Girl Next Door, to be anything more than a pale reflection of the source material and still be palatable enough for general release.

While watching the two year slide of Showtime’s Masters of Horror series from boisterous mediocrity to numbing unwatchability, we couldn’t help but think how perfect either Off Season or Offspring would have been to adapt to both an hour-long format (both are slim volumes and can be read in a single, white knuckle sitting). But Don's set visit makes us hopeful that we'll have a crakerjack feature to look forward to.

If you’re wondering why Offspring is being filmed first, you’ll have to check out the article, here.

n.b. - There are some pretty graphic makeup EFX pics that are probably not work-safe unless you have a private office or work at Fangoria.