Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, the teaser has finally arrived - click the bastard image below.

I dunno – I think I’m starting to part ways with the whole deliberate grindhouse business. That level of cheese and camp was perfectly acceptable (and lots of fun!) when those attributes were a direct byproduct of a low production budget and the limited talents of an Enzo Castellari at the helm. But when, as in this case, you have a talented filmmaker with access to virtually anyone and anything he wants, its just starting to seem like so much pandering to me. It’s one thing to stand on the shoulders of a great film, but it’s quite another to nip at the heels of quickie exploitation.

The cast, too, is a big problem for me. Aside from Pitt (whom I like, and, I thought, looked right in the role) the rest of the show looks like it was cast from one of Quentin’s pool parties. But no one will be happier to be proved wrong than I.