Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Confirmed - Galactica Series Run Released to Blu-Ray in July

Frankly, I’m more then a little surprised that Universal isn’t making BG fans wait until closer to Xmas for the super-deluxe full series run, but as a fan whose only home video purchase has been the HD-DVD of the first season (yes, we certainly do know how to future-proof around here.) we loved the second season, liked the first half of the third, and wasn’t crazy at all about what it turned into during the final season and a half. Seriously, how irritating were those women in that bizarre religious cult that sprouted up around Baltar, effectively sidelining one of the most interesting characters in a dead-end plot thread? And enough with the “One God” Cylon religious mania! We were sad to see some of this seeping into the just released Caprica, and hope that executive producer Moore thinks better of it as he shoots the rest of the season.

The Blu-Ray and SD-DVD sets are both out on July 28th, and looks to include all the previous commentaries, featurettes, video blogs, and deleted scenes, and the Blu-Ray set looks to have several exclusive features. That makes 25 DVDs and 20 Blu-Rays in each set at the understandably whopping retail price of $279.98 and $349.98, respectively (there may or may not be some sort of collectable figure enclosed as well.)’s current price for the Blu-Ray set is $244.99 and that’s still pretty damn steep. Honestly, we might just pick up the first season or two and give the rest a miss. The final leg of Ronald D Moore’s reboot made us pine for the simpler days of Glen A Larson’s original – humans vs. robots, good vs. evil, they chase and we run – I guess we don’t require that sci-fi actually have all those complicated layers after all.

And who didn’t love Dirk Benedict’s double-take during the A-Team credits when the Cylon walked by? We miss you, Face!