Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday the 13th - The Video Game

We just received our review copies of a large chunk of Paramount’s Friday the 13th series yesterday; Blu-Ray copies of parts II and III, and new DVD special editions of IV, V, and VI. Reviews will begin to be posted to Cinefantastique soon, but in researching the series we came across a fun little tidbit that screams to be passed on. We had vague memories of a F13 video game for an older system and a Google search yielded the mother lode – a comprehensively written, screenshot rich write up of the game at SydLexia. The game was designed for the original Nintendo system and is a perfect example of the games of the bridge years between the stone-age graphics of the 2600 and the more advanced SNES and Dreamcast era.

We also love this final title card, and will be using it as a desktop background