Monday, July 6, 2009

More Giallo News...

Thanks to the folks at Bloody Disgusting for posting what’s being called an “official” trailer for Dario Argento’s newest, though it bears a strong resemblance to the promotional trailer that has been around for months now. Many are commenting on the fact that Giallo doesn’t exactly look like a Giallo, at least in the traditional sense. This is likely due to the title referencing not the genre, but the unusual skin pigment of the film’s killer (though we’d be willing to bet that there will be numerous hat tips to films from Argento’s salad says of the 70s.

We’re really, really pulling for this one; with a bigger name cast than he’s had in a while, this film has a real shot at finding a wide audience. Unfortunately, we’ve heard some disquieting stories about the American financiers freezing Argento out of the editing and scoring process and the iffy reaction that the film received during its debut screening at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Next stop will be the UK Fright Fest in August.