Monday, October 29, 2007

"Two More Days 'Till Halloween...Halloween...Halloween"

We all define ‘horror’ differently; for most it carries the connotation of violence and mayhem, but I would actually describe it in more general terms. To me, horror is something that we just can’t bear to watch. Evil always has a touch of banality, but true horror comes right up to you and forces you to throw your hands up and scream “No, not me! Not this!” So in preparation for Halloween, I give you the following (special thanks to Jonathan Barnett at Mobius for the find).

Your senses will never be the same.

Some discussion points:

1. What is Mandom? Aftershave? Cologne? Some strange hybrid?

2. Is the doorman crazy? Why does he have that look on his face when Bronson walks out?

3. Where does the girlish flourish with which he rips off his shirt come from? And where exactly does it go?

4. Is Mandom only meant to be applied upon returning home after a night out?

5. Is that the official dosage, or did Bronson just go nuts after getting a whiff?

6. Are the quick cuts to “Cowboy Bronson” meant to show his state of mind during the application, or is that a representation of his soul attempting to battle Mandom?

7. Imagine the Mandom puddle on the floor.

8. Mmmmmm…Mandom.