Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are You Curious, Giallo?

The following quote is from effects makeup designer Sergio Stivaletti, who has worked with the Dario Argento several times in the past, and can be found on the Fangoria website. We’ve only seen stills (and don’t know much at all about the plot) so any news is welcome, and this contains both the good and bad variety:

“[GIALLO star] Adrien Brody has been very involved with the movie and built up a close working relationship with Dario,” Stivaletti (pictured) tells us. “I think this is one of Dario’s strongest and most impressive films. He and Adrien collaborated on making the movie as believable as possible, and of course, fans can expect some bloody violence. This is an American movie—it is financed from the U.S. and it looks like a Hollywood picture, but it is still impossible not to see Dario’s touch in almost every scene.”

I hope that Brody really is heavily involved with the film, as the Oscar winner’s involvement will increase its chances of a decent theatrical release, but “believable” isn’t generally a phrase commonly associated with the director’s films. And if Stivaletti is right, and the film is “an American movie” – then that is a potential problem. By that standard, Argento’s other American film is the rather dull Trauma, and Argento’s weakest film from his most productive period, Cat ‘o Nine Tails, is been virtually disowned by the director as having too much of an American influence. The biggest problem with The Third Mother (besides the dull, clumsy title) is that it felt like Argento was pandering to an audience that he feels has left him behind with outrageous gore and a graphic misogynism that outdoes even Fulci’s less genteel efforts, and we hope that Giallo isn't similarly afflicted.