Saturday, March 28, 2009

Warner Bros Takes a Catalog Dump - And You Are There!

Warner Bros, holder of an incredibly large library of unreleased-to-DVD films, has opted for a unique method of making that library available to consumers. For the rather steep price of $19.95 a pop (currently with gratis ground shipping) Warners will, essentially, custom-create a DVD-R for you, complete with professional disc artwork and case. There are currently 150 titles available in the Warner Archive Collection, and we’d wager that most cinema savvy consumers can find at least 10-15 that they’d like to own. The only problem is the price.

$19.95 is what I'd expect to pay for a Blu-Ray catalog release, not 45 year-old Jeff Hunter movies. Once you add a couple of titles in that cart (and you'll just love the way it rockets you back up to the top of the page after you "add to cart") that price really adds up. There's been a lot of negative interwebs buzz about the cost, so hopefully Warner Bros will address it (and add a few MIA favorites, like The Terminal Man and The Green Slime)

We purchased an odd George C. Scott film, Rage* and the little-seen George Roy Hill directed The Little Drummer Girl. We'll let you know how they turn out.