Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Catching Up...

Greetings, all, and forgiveness please for the lack of new posts. We’ve been busy writing-up reviews for several discs that are streeting today, Pinocchio and an Escape from/Return to Witch Mountain double feature.

In other news, we’re finding ourselves oddly looking forward to the Last House on the Left remake out next Friday. Vern, one of our favorite reviewers, offered his surprisingly positive (and well thought out) take today on Ain’t it Cool News and may have stripped away our last reservations about the project. We were happy to read his shout-out to Alexandre Aja’s remake of another Wes Craven classic, The Hills Have Eyes. Interesting European filmmakers rarely smell of studio endorsement; so if it is Craven overseeing the choice of director for these remakes, it’s just another reason to love the guy.

We’re still waiting on a Blu-Ray copy of Let The Right One In, which we hear is one of the very best genre films of last few years. The best new horror film that we’ve seen recently has been The Midnight Meat Train, which isn’t meant to be the compliment that it resembles. The state of modern horror is pretty dire, and lately it seems like the best horror is being imported.

We plan on seeing Watchmen ASAP and will post our feelings directly. Lots of folks that eagerly flocked to Iron Man and The Dark Knight seem to dislike Watchmen immensely; Warner Bros has perhaps been a bit too coy in its advertising and has led people to believe that it’s a business-as-usual comic book movie adaption. This is – from what I’ve heard – a hard ‘R’, with all the violence and sex inherent in the source material intact. Anyone expecting otherwise should do some investigating before bringing their children or unsuspecting spouse/significant other.